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Where is DC he’s objective at least even if he is delusional.

Thx for the smi-endorsement. 😎

In short, yeah, police can pull people over fire any number of things; however, that doesn’t mean it’s right. Also, IMHO, police need to have duties of “pulling people over” removed from their job descriptions.

In D.C., where I have a number of friends with MPD, and yeah, they’ve all been in violent confrontations, usually from having weapons pulled in them. (None of them has ever had to use lethal force). At any rate, they do not pull over people for routine traffic stops. They have more important things to do. D.C., like a number of other cities, have a dedicated Traffic Division. They’re the ones that pull people over. I’d also be willing to guess that violent crime in D.C. exceeds any area of the Midwest. (Another thing I can’t get used to is Sheriff Departments that are out in the public. In Maryland, the Sheriff‘a Department, like some other states, are a branch of the courts. They serve warrants, perform other duties related to the court, and they leave what one would define a Law Enforcement up to the police.)

Granted, you will find corruption in probably any agency, should you look hard enough. I will give two examples that I can express due to being the person at the other end of the traffic stop. (FWIW, where I grew up, in Montgomery County, the police are very corrupt. I’ve seen this in and out of personal experience).

First: Where it’s worked for me, MoCo has a DWI Quota, and as a result they make up all kinds of Bullshit to pull people over. (More on that in Point Two). For this one, and knowing that county police are corrupt, when I was at the DoJ, I did not carry my license in my wallet. I let it in my Federal credentials, behind my Photo ID designating me as being with the Fed. When I would get pulled over, roughly three times per week, if it was after sundown, I would be requested for my license and registration. As I would retrieve my DL, my badge would flash in flipping over to my DoJ ID. Religiously, I would be asked which agency I represented. I would show my credentials while telling them I was with DoJ. One hundred percent of the time, without fail, the response from the officer would be “I’m sorry to have bothered you”, as they handed me any license or registration, if they had it. Not once was I ever ticketed or charged with anything. So, yeah, I used that a lot. I also did something similar to park illegally in D.C. without concern of ticket or towing. (This is accomplished by placing an MPD insignia on your dash. That works probably still work today, tbh.)

Second: Under Maryland Law, police are required to publish the locations of their DWI Checkpoints. They are also required to allow, and provide access to an area prior to the stop where people may turn around. They are barred from pursuing these vehicles and can actually be sanctioned, except for the fact that they’re corrupt all the way to the top.

One night, Christmas Eve. I was wrapping presents at my house. Hunger, combined with everything being closed early for the holiday, I drive to the one Wendy’s that was open until 2AM. (I hate fast food, but, like the Army, you eat what’s available. The Wendy’s was roughly fifteen minutes away. Upon hitting the drive-thru, I noticed a DWI Checkpoint. Must’ve been a slow night, as there was a dozen cruisers there.

After leaving the drive-they, I made the right, as it was Right Turn Only, pulled across to the left and pulled a U-Turn, heading home. Upon collecting the Ubie, I noticed some snapperhead jump into their cruiser and begin following me. (Total bullshit and a violation of law). About six miles into the drive, just me and him in the road, he followed me turn by turn. Six miles in, he put his lights on and I stopped. They’re not showed to be following you, so he made up some bullshit that I was weaving. (My BAC would’ve been zero). Knowing he was full of shit, I called him on it. He asked if I’d been drinking. Instead of answering, I just ripped him a new asshole, cited the code, and told him to go fuck himself. He handed my license back and left. White privilege? Knowledge of statutes? Who the fuck knows. What he did know was that he was wrong and I called him on it. He left and headed back the way he has come.

Oh, he asked why I had pulled the ubie, if it was because of the checkpoint. (A violation of Maryland Law). Since he was holding my license, and I would hope he knew the county as well as I did, so the idiot could see my address. That’s what set of my litany off ripping him a new asshole. I simply said something like “Look at my fucking license. Notice the motherfucking address?? How, in the holy fuck would YIU suggest I get my as home”, as the only other option would be driving across a cemetery, actually where F. Scott Fitzgerald is buried. The fucking idiot knew absolutely without condition that driving, even to the checkpoint, would force me into driving northwest, and in the exact opposite of where I lived to the southeast, closer in to the city.

Added response, also evidence that police can be fucking tools in both red and blue states. Political party does not assign someone the role of “asshole”. That title is equally applied to anyone who is a fucking idiot, regardless of party.

Third point, but showing a difference, IMHO, where I do not incur the same police response as a person of colour.

Up until not long ago, I would occasionally drive to D.C., if I wanted to bring my car. Now, as always, Maryland is very big on gun control, so my CWP is recognised in Floriduh, Jawjah, both Carolinas and Virginia. (D.C. isn’t really an option, as there is absolutely zero reason to drive through D.C. to get from Virginia to Maryland).

I would usually carry my Sig P226 and a .45 ACP, usually Glock. As a result of approaching the Maryland line, I would have to pull into the final test area in Virginia, on I-95, prior to hitting the beltway. This was usually done in daylight, and within view of State Troopers. I would have to pull into a parking space, lying my two pistols on the hood, next to their cases. I would then have to pop the mags, unload the mags, and place the bullets into a separate container. I then had to place firearms into cases, and lock the cases. I then had to place the bullets in a separate place in the car, and put the unloaded mags in the glovebox. This was all done to keep from being arrested in Maryland.

The other off point is that, through all of those encounters, including publicly handling firearms in a public rest stop, not once did I encounter any grief from Virginia State Troopers. TBH, they were as indifferent to me as if I was popping a soda.

I guess my point is, even in the D.C. area, which is roughly 70% Black and has been my entire life, I still got away with shit that, should it be now, here, and if I was a bit less pigmentally-challenged, I think police response to my actions would’ve different greatly.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.