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FWIW, Trump supporters have a legitimate gripe with the government. The government is broken and unrepresentative.

It’s just that they fell prey to a complete psychopathic con man, the absolute worst person to drain the swamp or fix government, let alone to be in power during a crisis

While I think he was definitely wrong for the job, I can see why he was popular with some people. He was a different voice than what we were used to in politics. Some people were tired of the same old drivel from politicians. Tired of being lied to. They thought a guy like trump could shake things up. That whole idea backfired because his lack of politic experience and just his unpresidential demeanor was easy to dish on and a lot of it rightfully so I still think he got a raw deal because of that. I never really liked him but I do think the media did him dirty.

People who were tired of being lied to elected (unfortunately) the most prolific liar ever. That’s what i meant. His message (crafted by Bannon) resonated with many AND IT SHOULD BECAUSE WASHINGTON IS A MESS. But he’s an even bigger mess. He’s not a victim, didn’t get a raw deal. He just isn’t a leader, he’s a divider. A wielder of power, not influence.

It’s a shame because Trump has set the MUCH NEEDED outsider movement back, perhaps permanently