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Trump utilized a white nationalism platform.

Biden is a moderate liberal.

How are we still saying these two are the “same”?

Biden isn’t bad guys… hate to break it to you. DH – I respect your opinion but we are way off here…

Biden has done a solid job thus far. He wasn’t some left-wing puppet, or some neo-con puppet.

Too early to tell, but his first 100 days have been solid. The biggest scandal was missing a step.

I think it’s lazy to call them the same.

Biden brought decency back. He brought dialogue back. He removed the 24/7 media coverage.

Is he going to be perfect? No

Will you disagree on policy? Yes

But that’s a good thing. Back to civil discourse.


I don’t care much to argue the merits of law and the degrees with which they charge them. The law is the law. Don’t like it, become politically active and petition to change it.

The irony of all this for me is the faux “blue lives matter” and “support the troops” that have now come to contradict one another because you’ve dug your heels so far into “your side” that you simply oppose what the other does.

Tribalism at its finest