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I criticize hate law because it criminalizes thoughts which ought to be completely fucked up to any rational and thoughtful person.

While you make some good points, I just want to expand a bit on how I see it. As always, just my opinion. I am not in a position to create policy, so I can only give opinion.

On the fact that Hate Laws criminalise thoughts, I just don’t see it that way. If we did this, we would be living in Minority Report. Of this were the case, I would vehemently oppose any law that polices and criminalises your thoughts.

The way I see it is that we are permitted to think or believe anything we wish, (opinion here) provided those thoughts do not impinge upon the rights of another. (End Opinion Statement)

Where I draw the line is when people act upon their believes and those beliefs cause physical harm to others, but also creates a mindset in public opinion that emboldens others to also act / react, as if the previous action is interpreted as giving them Carte Blanche. In those cases, IMHO, these are no longer thoughts, but crimes against another individual. In those cases, I have no problem adding penalties for transitioning private thoughts into concrete action resulting in a crime against another. (By virtue of this, in my opinion, graffiti, vandalism solely against property, etc, while not being a completely victimless crime, words can’t injure if they are not in conjunction with other actions.)

As such, I’m fine with taking on some form of penalty for extreme actions of Hate. Granted, one side note, which I probably should’ve mentioned earlier:

I do not believe that the Criminal Justice System, whether it be Law Enforcement, the courts, or the BoP, should not be based upon punitive actions; however, instead, should be instituted if rehabilitation. We’ve been trying punitive measures in the US for a long time. All it does is create a high level of recidivism. It is my opinion that people, while incarcerated, should not be required to provide cheap Labour for the state, but instead should enact various things like required education and training, preparing people for the outside world while they are incarcerated. If one combines practical training, combined with some form of job placement services, along with post-release cognitive therapy, MAY help to curtail recidivism and prepare people to assimilate into society, while not holding the stigma of incarceration over their heads for a lifetime.

Do I know if this will work? I couldn’t say; however, while there will always be repeat offenders, I feel as if a good number of people that get thrown into the system at an early age are not beyond redemption. Should this not be the case, we may as well make all crimes punishable by life, as in reality, a person cycling back into society during the current method of a criminal policy based upon punitive legislation. These actions alone gives some people a life sentence, even if they’re only incarcerated for a few months. I just feel that there are actions we can take as a society in Western Culture that can potentially mitigate future crime. Ya gotta admit, it’s worth a try. (Also granted, I’m not fully confident that people outside of Law Enforcement would help to make this successful.) We can’t really legislate compassion, understanding, or empathy; however, to continue in a course of continuously trying people in the court of public opinion, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. I just know that what we’re currently doing just ain’t working.

So, if someone commits a violent crime while chanting “Kill the Jew”, then yeah, take some time into the sentence, but don’t just keep them in a cage for two or three extra years. Instead, expose these people to the results of their actions, and have them confront their anger, understand the underlying causes, and humanise the people who were the brunt of the violence. It may work and it may fail, but where is the error in trying?

****Film Spoiler****

In Borat 2.0, he reprises the humour of stereotyping Jews. In this one, he even has a small moment with Holocaust deniers. The reaction of his character on-screen? Later, in a synagogue, he meets an elderly woman who was a Holocaust survivor. It wasn’t an act and she passed away shortly after filming. There was a dedication in the End Credits. Ultimately, he used his platform, as a comedian to bring a disturbing topic out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Lenny Bruce did the exact same thing. (To learn about Lenny Bruce, the best way, IMHO, is to watch the film Lenny, 1974, with Dustin Hoffman playing Lenny Bruce. Being a film, yeah, there are some holes; however, it is a great way to get C a feel for Lenny Bruce as he was in RL, and it’s audio entertaining. The film released four years after Lenny Bruce died of a heroin overdose. (End Tangent / Film Spoiler). 😎

As for the Biden crap. I judge him on his policy which so far looks like socialism light to me.

True, Biden is a bit more liberal than President Obama; however, If so short of referring to his actions as overt socialism. Biden is still a moderate, while trying to balance the whims if the progressives, the moderate Democrats, as well as the number of Independents and Republican that voted Biden into office. Is he a conservative? No. Is he also perpetuating socialist ideals? IMHO, also no.

If you look back into history, even since I’ve been on the planet, I could cite Republican policies that went into the law books that could also be deemed as Socialist. While Biden is a far cry from Strom Thurmond, he’s also a far cry from Bernie, or even McGovern.

It would be nice to see some bipartisan actions. Sadly, I don’t feel the modern political climate allows for that right now. This is not a left or right issue. Gridlock occurs on both sides of the aisle.

Additionally, you have the Senator from W. Va. (Munchin?) It is my opinion that he is to Biden what John NcCain was to Trump. As a result, there are still checks and balances despite the Democratic majority within the Senate.

A fun side note: Nixon created the EPA, and opened raisins with China. (I remember Nixon’s comments at the time. Remember, McCarthyism wasn’t too far in the rear view mirror in ‘72 or so.

Nixon basically said, truthfully, IMHO, that his staunch conservatism is what permitted him to go into China; whereas, a Democrat doing the same thing would’ve been labelled a communist for even suggesting relations with China. I believe his comment was accurate. The Cold War was still quite chilly back then. A few years later, this is why the Army kinda pushed me into Russian over other languages. (In hindsight, I was supposed to go into the Air Force. I really wish I would’ve gone that route. Basically, I took the ASVABs to join the Air Force. Of the seven parts of the test, I aced four of them, missed only a question or two in two others, and even finished in the top 10% on the one section on mechanics. When I went to go over my scores, the AF dude was at lunch. The Army recruiter saw my scores and stole me from the AF. Upon entry, going through the process of induction, I was pulled into a room to determine my ability to learn languages. I obtained the highest score ever to come out of Baltimore. I only mention this because I had no real desire to go into Signal Intelligence. It was pretty much thrust upon me). Hindsight. Ugh. 😎

What time did the Trash(D)Party Riots start?

@Chron, It’s Central Time, so I’ll have to check for you. Are you seeking knowledge in order to determine when you should microwave the popcorn, or would you like to participate? I could probably get you close up towards the fence. 😎

It’s a shame because Trump has set the MUCH NEEDED outsider movement back, perhaps permanently

Most true. Sadly, this country is locked into a two party system, despite the fact that I personally feel it’s time to fracture both parties. Trump, who, IMHO, acts more like a Democrat than most Democrats, yet he took advantage of a GOP lacking direction and as a result, had so many candidates, all with slightly varying viewpoints, and none ever holding a commanding lead. As a result, “A house divided…”, and the candidates destroyed each other’s credibility. That kinda opened the nomination for Trump, as I honestly think, like playing the lowest seed Wild-Card, and getting blown out due to playing past your opposition. The saved thing happened to Hillary. The Democrats, IMHO, didn’t treat Trump as a serious contender.

Within the entire field, John Kasich was the only one that seemed like he had any ideas, or even a plan to put them into action. Sadly, just like Romney, Kasich had trouble winning in the South. I really wish Trump would do his “Patriot” Party, and take the GQP with him, giving the diehard fiscal dudes their party back. It will also save me from spending my stimulus to update my T-Shirt Collection. 😎

I feel as conflicted Note as when Jeriah bought the Cowgirlz and fired Tom Landry. What a miserable tool he is, with no consideration. Is grown Up hating Tom Landry with a passion, and JJ caused my to feel sorry for TL and even have some level of respect for his accomplishments as he was being treated like yesterday’s bad news. JJ put us Redskin peeps into a cognitive dissonance that were still haven’t resolved. On a positive note, he really solidified my hatred for the Cowgirlz. 😊

His message (crafted by Bannon) resonated with many AND IT SHOULD BECAUSE WASHINGTON IS A MESS.

Meh, having grown up there, IMHO, Washington is no better or worse than it used to be, pre-Trump. He couldn’t drain the swamp, but he’d did add some extra gators into the moat.

The problem as I see it is that, unlike how it’s always been, there is too much division right now, and that is the difference.

Yeah, there’s always been division; however, in days of old, the parties would bitch each other out on the floor, gather for lunch, followed by more bitching for posterity, and then they would knock back five or six drinks, share some coke, and work out a deal while chilling at the bar in The Mayflower. Those days of drinking, drugging, and deal-making are relics of the past, and what has replaced it is a divisiveness that has politicians in fear not of the opposite party, but if being “primaried” should they fall out of line. Liz Cheney was chastised by the Republican Party in Wyoming, for Christ’s sake. Wyoming? It don’t much redder than Wyoming, and while I would never vote for her, all she did was vote her conscience on the impeachment of a as RINO, despite the fact that it was a purely moralistic vote, as everyone knew that the Senate wouldn’t vote to convict. IMHO, if she gets “primaried, then Republicans may as well fold, let the diehards pledge their fealty, and just start another Party. If we could get, at minimum, an extreme right party, which already exists despite the fact that Trump is more of a Democrat that I’ve ever been, he is still the figurehead of the GQP, then Republicans who are poised about the loss of their party, could start s as new one, for moderate to the right of Center. Traditional Democrats could remain in the Biden camp, and the Extreme Left could start a Progressive Party.

IMHO, if this could be pulled off, that would force each of the parties to form coalitions to get things done, like a number of governments in the EU. It could also, hopefully, and the perpetual state of stagnation and gridlock, as it would force collaboration of ideas.

already mentioned the people getting charged with hate crimes for destroying a mural.

Again, I don’t really feel that converting over some paint is a “hate crime”. So, yes, people should not be criminally charged for painting over something. It’s not the Mina Lisa. It’s a mural. It can be easily restored.

To quote that great sage of wisdom of contemporary literature, Stephen King in Christine, (after the car was vandalised), the prisoners simply responds something to the effect of “shit wipes off”. Let’s keep the hate crimes to things of a more violent nature.

Last fun point: Bethesda, Maryland, (they actually try to say it’s Kensington, but I disagree), is the location of the Mormon Temple. It’s a big ass place that looms over the trees as you round the Beltway coming from Georgia Avenue. In the foreground, going over the Beltway, is a railroad track with metal walls on the bridge. OK, that’s the scene / visual.

My entire life, that stretch of train track has religiously been vandalised. (The dude must have nerves if steel. That bridge is thing). At any rate, for as long as I’ve been driving, an unknown “artist” would assault the bridge, and paint the phrase “Surrender Dorothy”. 😎 There were just enough metal squares for the phrase to fit.

For years that shit was being debated. Every time it was painted over, it was back the next day. They never did figure out who was doing it. For a while a good number if peeps said it should just be ignored and left alone. Other people wanted to almost set bear traps on the bridge tracks.

Personally, I think they not only should’ve left it, but had the county maintain it. 😊 You really has to see this thing. It was funny as shit, as the Temple, rising up above the trees, looked just like the Emerald City. Some people just have too many poles up their collective asses.

(In peeking on the city fir the Temple, there was a local news article stating that non-Mormons are being permitted inside for the first time in forty years. Not really accurate, as I was dating some girl in the 90s who turned out to be Mormon. I was dragged into that Temple for dances in more than one occasion. (Since they don’t drink, I had to keep a beer cooler in my car, where we would dash out and pound a few every so often. If I’m gonna be in a Mormon Temple, even for a dance, that caps for alcohol. 😎) Pretty certain trust was the last girl I dated which was still a teenager. (19) I’ve gotten better since then. Since moving here, I’ve only dated girls twenty and older. Sorry for the Tangent, but I haven’t thought about those dances since the mid-nineties. 😎)

I’ll jump off of the soap box now. I should really write this on my MacBook Pro. 💻 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.