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He’s not anywhere close to the hall right now.

Shoo in?

What are you smoking?

Racked a bunch of meaningless yards with Winston.

Great WR for sure. HOF? Uhhhhh…puff puff give.

Ask again in about 5 years of 1300+ yd/ 12 TD seasons

Considering Calvin Johnson was a first ballot HOF with no playoff success – 9 years, 83 TDs, 731 receptions, and 11,619 yards; i’d think Evans is closer to the side of being there.

Evans has a Superbowl – 7 years, 61 TDs, 532 receptions, and 8,266 yards.

If you pro-rate his annual average for another 2 years – 9 years, 78 TDs, 684 receptions, and 10,628 yards. He’s about half a season short in TDs and receptions, and a season short in yards.

Considering Evans is only 27 can ball out no matter the QB, he’s certainly on his way….like i said assuming he doesnt’ have a Chad Johnson type fade away.