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So look, I’m willing to accept that you have an opinion if you would accept the idea that people who disagree with are also entitled to a completely different take.

this is such drivel.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, they are just NOT entitled to ignore FACTS. This entire discussion is you ignoring the facts that were presented . . . all the way to your latest retreat, which is “my opinion is valid because Paul Butler once said it.”

“There’s no racism in America because Candance Owen said so”

Th Dems are trying to replace white people because Tucker Carlson said so”

“Sandy Hook kids were crisis actors because Alex Jones said so”

“Noah loaded up every animal on a boat because OT said so”

“The Voting Rights Act doesn’t deal with polling because Buggsy said so”

“Obama is a mass murderer because KKKChron said so”

all arguments, ALL LINKED to some other source sharing the OPINION . . doesn’t make them valid ESPECAILLY WHEN THERE ARE OBVIOUS AND UNDISPUTED facts to the contrary.