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There is no shame involved that the person you find so “impressive” is one of the worst people at her job. Hell, you probably still haven’t been able to put that together, which – again – is the entire point.

has got to be PISSED that Buggsy is clowning him like this. I mean, AOC controls Biden . . everyone know that . . he just proposed the Green New Deal!

let me support my friend @JBear by offering as my opinion, someone else’s opinion (from January of 20200 about AOC . .

PROFILE JAN. 6, 2020
One Year in Washington Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reshaped her party’s agenda, resuscitated Bernie Sanders’s campaign, and hardly has a friend in town.


If youre really smart . . you might actually pick up on why Fire is right (about legislation) too, its in bold. lol

and if anyone even recall that the GENESIS of this conversation was the lunacy of a bunch of (likely) middle aged white dudes stating she was dumb when she probably accomplished more than most here already, this quote might merit some consideration, in terms of what she has done with her life, in comparison:

“the 30-year-old freshman member of Congress from Queens and the Bronx, who, in the year since she was sworn in as the youngest woman elected to the House of Representatives in the body’s 230-year history, has emerged as perhaps the most significant political figure in the Democratic Party in the age of Trump. She was recently ranked the fourth-most-tweeted-about politician in the world, beating out every Democrat running for president. It’s not that there is already a children’s book about her, The ABCs of AOC. It’s that there is already a comic-book series about her, a young-adult biography of her, a wall calendar of her, a book of her quotes, a collection of essays about her, and even, this holiday season, a Christmas sweater with her face on it.”