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AND EVEN more Trump-like (IF YOURE A TRYUMP TRUMPER) she’s such a ‘dumb broad” tat she won in an actual landslide, 73/20, (not just a Trump faux landslide)

Democrats in the 14th congressional district spanning The Bronx and Queens didn’t fall for Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, a “former” Republican who’s campaign was well funded by her Republican husband, Trump supporters, and Wall Street.

Despite raising millions, Caruso-Cabrera’s attempt to fool people into thinking she was for them failed miserably at the polls yesterday as preliminary results shows that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez swept the floor to victory in a landslide win.

the hypocrisy beats on!!!

Dumb broad . . . who controls the Dem Party . .. by using “political genius” tactics like Trump . . to win in actual landslides

Good stuff, bro!