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Ask any expert, analyst, or former O-Lineman if they think there are currently 18 better centers than Jensen, and they will laugh at you

How many of those experts, analysts, or former O-Linemen have you asked?

When people quote PFF grades for offensive linemen, I know to disregard them and anything they say going forward.

Why because it makes your “eye test” look bad?

PFF has implicit bias.

Implicit bias against what or whom?

Most people who don’t like PFF don’t understand it. That, or they’re upset the grades based on every snap don’t line up with their inferior opinions. That’s been proven on this site year after year after year. There were those that said PFF was biased against Buccaneer players (many JC All-Stars, like Joseph & Trueblood) for years when PFF said those players sucked while the team was going 4-12. Now that the team is finally good, somehow their collective PFF grade is second in the entire NFL. Imagine that. It’s almost like really good players, and top-level QB play, help win football games.

They heavily overrate Notre Dame players and what a coincidence have a contract with NBC. Geoff Schwartz has some sort of relationship with PFF and they’ve always overrated his brother.

As for the old Bucs lines. The 2009 Week 1 game vs Dallas was maybe the most dominant performance I’ve seen a Bucs line put on and they gave them a cumulative below average rating.