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wait, more confusion for the JBear Trumper Civil War to choke on

AOC runs The Squad”

The Squad wants to “Defund the Police”

So, wait Biden must want to “defund the police”

But wait he doesn’t

hell, Bernie “Trump’s Toughest Opponent” Sanders DOESNT EVEN AGREE

Its so confusing! Its almost as if all the Trumpers are just talking out of their ass all the time????

Dumb broads, maybe?

(hahaha, have to love the Bernie as Trump’s Toughest Opponent ref. That one was CLASSIC COVE POLITICAL GENIUSES AT WORK . . Biden WAS dead in the primary and then Trump was going to beat Biden in a landslide, 325 electoral votes maybe (offered by a Trump poster who still posts, but not in the Cove). Sort of like “CV19 is the flu,” offered by another Trump poster who no longer posts . . maybe its the 550K deaths?)

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