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It would take me all day to try to respond to this point by point but I read it and agreed with a lot more than I ought to since it’s coming from a socialist.

The way I see it is that we are permitted to think or believe anything we wish, (opinion here) provided those thoughts do not impinge upon the rights of another. (End Opinion Statement)

Murry Rothbard back from the dead? Who are you?

This statement is about individual liberty. My understanding of what socialism is at it’s core doesn’t jive with individual liberty because the interests of the collective take precedence over the interests of the individual which to me makes a socialist using this line of reasoning a little off putting.

Unless your definition of “the rights of another” is very broad…. I’m thinking specifically of Karma’s old “societal costs”. Basically, you can’t let people have so much freedom that they can negatively effect society. This is where it gets scary BTW…. Guy having the right to do something that negatively affects his health because there is this societal cost that needs to be addressed by any good socialist.

So my view has always been that socialism can’t allow this view of individual freedom. I also find it interesting that someone like Karma who claimed until recently to be a republican seems to have a problem with people not wearing their own seatbelt or smoking in their own home but you, a devout socialist may be saying that you can.

I’m truly interested in your answer.