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I started to read this crap you posted with an open mind because you started off sounding reasonable. It’s clearly really hard for you to keep that up longer than a few sentences.

You’re definition of “facts” is a twisted bunch of bullcrap you’ve been spewing for years.

You’re second “FACT” that you condescendingly state is absolute fact is not true which you would know if you bothered to read my post carefully or put any thought at all into your “thoughtful” response.

2. hate crimes are an ENHANCED sentence for existing crimes — ABSOLUTE FACT

I even highlighted the FACT that the Federal hate crime law and the state hate crime laws are completely different things and that only the state laws are enhancements while Federal hate crime statues create a new crime.

This is your biggest fault as a poster. This constant harping on “facts” that aren’t facts. “untruths”, “lies”

You just condescendingly pointed out how dumb I am because of a fact that is somehow still not true the way you are using it. And you don’t get it no matter how many ways I explain it to you.

What I really wish you would understand is that your Facts and Lies are often only facts and lies when viewed through your own biased lens. When the Orange guy was our President you called 90 percent of everything he said a lie. If he stated a fact you would often call it a lie just like you did above.

At the same time, now Biden is in the white house. He also lies a lot. But not according to you. According to you he barely ever lies, nor are any of the other DNC “facts” that aren’t really facts lies. Your lens is broken. A truly objective person can appreciate that American politics is built on lies and twisting facts to suit a narrative simple enough for the average man to get behind.

If you could take a step back and make another go at objectivity, you and I might finally be able to have a conversation.