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I criticize hate law because it criminalizes thoughts which ought to be completely fucked up to any rational and thoughtful person.

THIS -^^^ is the point that led you to quote the opinion and the pint I responded to . . and the pint you DEFENDED by citing . . a STATE hate crime event

I’m not talking about using intent to prove a crime I’m talking about the creation of a whole new class of crime with penalties far harsher than even a murder charge all based on someone’s beliefs associations or just some dumb twitter comment from years prior.

I’m not talking about racist motivations of a person who ends up murdering someone and deserves the stiffest possible punishment and using whatever motivations are necessary to get that murder conviction. That’s the way it’s always been and should be. But we have punks getting charged with hate crimes for vandalizing a mural last year in California.

and again the STATE hate crime

I already mentioned the people getting charged with hate crimes for destroying a mural. Does the fact it isn’t even a violent crime make these laws any better? No it makes them even worse.

and even here, no mention of federal AND THE ERROR that “Murder is murder, assault is assault” whe its not

Hate speech is now pretty much anything outside mainstream progressive ideology. It’s perplexing that we don’t see anyone throwing concrete milkshakes at counter protesters ever get charged with a hate crime. Again it is and will be weaponized as a political weapon against anyone deemed to be a deplorable.

And the response is always, “yeah but those are the bad people”. You just don’t get it.

There is no equality so long as the laws are not applied equally. Murder is murder, assault is assault.


The key point I was trying to make in this thread is that this is/will be weaponized against “deplorables”.