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Just to hammer the point home, you took time to quote Paul Butler’s discussions about a STATE hate crime case the Rutger’s bullying case:

“The Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey in Newark overturned a lower court’s conviction of the ex-roommate, Dharun Ravi, on several counts of bias intimidation because of a change in state law. “

so in all your many posts here you NEVER mention the federal issue until the very end of your post today BUT EVEN THAT QUOTE MAKES MY POINT

“There is also an interesting paragraph about the difference between the state laws and the Federal Hate crime law that he says:

“Well, the federal law makes it a separate and distinct crime to target someone on the basis of race or gender or one of the other protected categories. What we have in the states is what we call sentencing enhancements,”

You also described the KEY point youre trying to make IN THIS THREAD is that hate crime laws will be used against “deplorables” pointing almost exclusively to STATE COURT cases


Calling BS :-)