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My guess on how the Bucs draft will go position-wise.

1) Offense: OG or WR
2) Offense: OG or WR
3) Defense: Edge or S
4) Defense: Edge or S
5) DT or TE
6) DT or TE
7) CB or LB

The attitude of mock drafters seems to be that the Bucs don’t have any glaring needs, so they can take a flyer on an injury risk player or a boom or bust player. That makes no sense to me. They need this first round pick to be a linchpin for four to five years, even if its starting in 2022.

Trade down? That 32nd pick has value because of the 5th year option. That could mean the Bucs would prefer to stay there, but it also could mean other teams would have incentive to trade up and the Bucs could get something good for moving down five or ten spots. Either way, its a good spot.