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The hate and disrespect for SMB is crazy. He had some rough games, don’t get me wrong. However, he is not nearly as bad as everyone here makes him out to be. He was playing hurt the majority of the season, and it was pretty evident as his speed wasn’t there and didn’t look confident. He got his speed going and confidence back later in the season and started playing pretty well. SMB made some of the biggest plays during the playoffs, and honestly without him I don’t think we make it to the Super Bowl.
It just gets old to to constantly ripping the young man, yet not blasting other guys for poor play. The reality is people still are butt hurt that we passed on Greedy. Williams was vastly overrated and showed with 32 teams passed on him in the first and several passed on him in the second as well. Greedy hasnt been great in the NFL either, so we aren’t missing anything. Sadly, that’s where most of this over the top bashing on SMB comes from… people want X player instead of Y player, so they have to hyper focus on everything to prove they were right.
Dean hasn’t been great but people were a fan of drafting him, so they don’t constantly slam the kid. CD3 got absolutely abused in the regular season KC game, and honestly wasn’t stellar all season. How highly regarded in the NFL circles is CD3 regarded as a #1 vs every other teams #1?
The reality is that once the light came on for AWJ, Whitehead, and White…then our corners started playing a lot better. If those guys are out of position, then it greatly affects the CBs. Especially to the eye of all of our Couch Coaches.
I’m thankful to have had these players as a whole team. We just won a Superbowl, and our starters played very well. Sorry no reason to complain when your team finished #1.
I’m a fan of SMB, liked him predraft and was thankful to have drafted him. He’s a smart young man with some speed, good hands, willing tough tackler, great teammate, and strong character. He’s only going to get better