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I really think given the age/contract status on defensive line, edge, we should focus 2 of the top 3 picks on Edge and defensive line.

JPP, Suh, and Gholston are all free agents next year and who knows when they will “Fall off”. I think it’s likely at least 2 out of the 3, if not all 3, will be gone after 2021 season. Of the three, we should covet JPP most.

Vea coming off injury and with Barrett we are hoping he is more of the guy in Tampa than the guy in Denver. See no reason why he wont continue to be a stud but that should be in the back of Jason’s mind.

I dont really like any of our depth here as maybe Nelson being the only one with potential.

as far as secondary, i think we are pretty much set. I could see us drafting a safety or cornerback for depth but really dont see anything higher than 4th round in the secondary.

2020 – S Antoine Winfield, second round<br /><br />
2019 – CB Sean Bunting – second round, Jamel Dean – third round, S Mike Edwards – third round<br /><br />
2018 – CB MJ Stewart – second round, CB Carlton Davis – second round, S Jordan Whitehead – 4th round

EDIT: Forgot to mention the draft capital spent on Vernon Hargreaves in addition to MJ Stewart miss.