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Biggs stepped in shit here, and is spinning it to – yeah but I meant to step in shit, I like shit, and I eat my own shit.

So if you don’t eat your own shit, you’re a soy boy.

AOC is an outsider, and a leftist. She has authored tons of bills but because the Dems aren’t some socialist party (shocker), her bills don’t gain traction. So her influence is less about passing her bills, but more so pulling the moderate Democratic ever so slightly to the left.

If you measure politicians by their bills passed, then you must really love… Orrin Hatch?

Oh wait, he’s a dinosaur…

So we should probably compare a freshman politician to the… swamp?

It’s very confusing where you dipshits put value.

Establishment vs outsider?
Moderate vs extremist?
Pro war vs anti-war?
Fiscal conservative?
Spending on infrastructure?

You jump around all over the place, then your hypocrisy is pointed out and you yell SOY BOY.

But by all means keep coming here and getting rekt