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your point blew up in your face

aka “The Buggsy”

I kid, I kid

Not sure any of the Trumpers get this but AOC is the other side of the Trump coin, she is an outsider playing the outsider role, its just that she is against Trump and more politically successful than Trump using Trump’s own strategy

More politically successful because AOC actually won her election . . in an actual landslide. Trump not only lost his election IN A LANDSLIDE (his own definition), he actually dragged the Senate down with him flipping it to the Dems.

Trumpers defend that LOSING record by suggesting that Trump is the victims of media is lined up against him. They offer that defense though while simultaneously . . you guess it . . trashing AIC based on . . . all the alt-right media lined up against her.

hypocrisy on too many levels to count, which is why “some people” suggest the issue is misogyny