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I hear you discounting PFF, but you have no citation of your own to counter. There’s a plethora of sources out there, but you remain quiet on your own evaluation.

You fit into the same group of people who cannot hold a proper discussion because you have nothing worthwhile to support your stance.

Anyhow, your type of discussion are very lazy. Here are more sources than PFF.

Rush yards per game, Regular season

    2018: 95.2
    2019: 95.1
    2020: 94.9

That’s near the bottom of the league in production.

Football Outsiders, OL rank 2018

    Power (1-3 yards for a 1st down): 22nd
    2nd level (5-10 yards): 27th
    Mid/Guard run freq: 65%, 15th best in yard production
    Sack rate: 15th (6.6%)

Football Outsiders, OL rank 2019

    Power (1-3 yards for a 1st down): 30th
    2nd level (5-10 yards): 28th
    Mid/Guard run freq: 70%, 19th best in yard production
    Sack rate: 22nd (7.6%)

Football Outsiders, OL rank 2020

    Power (1-3 yards for a 1st down): 1st
    2nd level (5-10 yards): 21st
    Mid/Guard run freq: 62%, 7th best in yard production
    Sack Rate: 3rd (4.3%)

Between 2019-20 off-season, Marpet had hip surgery. That’s what caused a huge spike in the run production in 2020. Jensen came to the Bucs in 2018. No real positive spike in the run game until 2020, where Marpet blossomed. We see that via the eye test and supported by PFF, ESPN, and FBO.

Our sack rate improved due to having Brady as QB.

BTW, PFF cites Jensen had 4 sacks allowed and 4 penalties during the regular season. How is that an amazing feat for a player who was made the highest paid center in the NFL in 2018?

Are we getting the best or one of the best centers at top-end center salary ($10 mil per year)? The answer is as astoundingly no.