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Again, non-nuanced take. Doubling down on your agenda with more stats, comical and in this case obfuscating. You cite the rushing yards as if it’s a direct condemnation on Jensen, not taking into account things such as playcalling, constantly being down huge margins due to Winston turning the ball over, playing catch up. Do you really mean to tell me you think Jensen is a bad run blocker? Do you see him getting beat at the line of scrimmage? You offer nothing in terms of evaluation, because you don’t understand the game past a pop Warner, madden, fantasy football level. If you did, you would see Jensen is a force on the line of scrimmage, as well as a leader and agitator. Argue that he is slightly overpaid if you want, but to claim he is not an upper-tier center is futile. There are some, who’s opinion is infinitely more informed than your own, that believe he is in fact the very best center in the league. Your agenda is as inherently wrong as it is pathetic, and no numbers that you waste time researching are going to change that, little guy.