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They heavily overrate Notre Dame players and what a coincidence have a contract with NBC. Geoff Schwartz has some sort of relationship with PFF and they’ve always overrated his brother.

Overrate based on your analysis? Based on the guy that still thinks Quenton Nelson isn’t any good?

NBC, along with other networks like ESPN, NFLN, etc., use their ratings on the reg. I suppose they overrate every player associated with those networks.

As for the old Bucs lines. The 2009 Week 1 game vs Dallas was maybe the most dominant performance I’ve seen a Bucs line put on and they gave them a cumulative below average rating.

I’ve disabused you of this notion before, but I’ll be happy to do it again:

Four out of five OL had average-to-above average grades, with (surprise!) Davin Joseph being the highest rated player on offense. Jeff Faine was the only OL with a below-average grade of 61.6 – which is barely below average. The OL did not have a cumulative below average grade. You are flat out wrong.

Nelson was bad as a rookie and they gave him 2nd team All-Pro. Even in their playoff win he had 2 penalties and a turnover causing pressure and NBC was slurping him. And don’t try to be Desantis and use the word “disabused”.