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Well jesus DC you’re a socialist so you don’t count.

Besides that you’re clearly in the minority…. obviously. It also begs the question why do you live here anyway. I know about the goth stuff so you’re probably a masochist. To each their own I say.

I love Florida. I love it even more since I’ve been allowed to live my life this last year. My kids are in school, I had the right to get my defective J&J shot that will still probably kill me in the next few days…. thanks a lot Joe! You asshole.

Life is good.

Lots to unpack here. I’ll take it Point by point. 😎

First, Thank You. I’ve never felt worthy of deification; however, I’ll take the “Jesus D.C.” thing, provided I don’t have to walk on water. (I could actually do that, but I would have to drive to Lake Erie. 😊)

True, I’m a Socialist; however, considering I’m here, it’s pretty much the equivalent of being a Republican in D.C. or Maryland. Also, in the minority thing, I grew up in D.C., where is pasty white folk are in the minority. Add in the Goth part, and In almost translucent. I try to avoid the Evil Day Star, and exist nocturnally. 🦇 😎

Seriously though, I may be a Socialist; however, I have no belief that the US will ever reach anything even remotely resembling Socialism. Some peeps are still pissed about Social Security and Medicare, despite the fact that older folk, primarily due to inflationary increases, earned very little by today’s standards and their benefits limit them to earning just enough to eat (cheap) cat food, and being ignored by the majority of quality doctors, as they don’t want to deal with CMS. (The doctors, I mean.)

Why I live here? I’m still asking myself that. 😎 TBH, I could’ve moved to San Diego for the same price. (So, in part, my stupidity).

I’ll give you the short version of why I moved here.

First, my insanely overpriced condo needed a re-fi, which would’ve been a no-brainer, had the bottom not fallen out of the banking industry under W. (I had a five year ARM, which made perfect sense, until the banks went south and for a good bit, and before the bail-out, mortgages were as rare as finding a Virgin on a college campus. 😎) As a result, I sold before the market collapsed and chose here over San Diego five the reasons, among others. 1.) Close Family friends from D.C., all pro-Castro Cubans moved here, so I knew some people from home. 2.) After I left television, I could’ve signed on with CNN or CBN in D.C.; however, I was kind I of tired of always writing things with a certain spin. (That exists in all networks, regardless of politics.) I also could’ve gone with Al Jazeera, but wasn’t keen on living in Dubai, and I was offered a position working on video editing for the Redskins, which witches been cool to travel with the team and sit in the sidelines each Sunday, except Dan Snyder is such a fucking tool, I just couldn’t do that, since the position would’ve required me to spend each day both in Redskin Park, (Northern Virginia), and FedEx Field, (Largo, Maryland). Considering D.C. traffic, that stone equates to driving daily from Tampa to Daytona and back each day. Shorter distance, but insane traffic that you have to experience to understand. D.C. traffic makes Los Angeles traffic look like driving along a stretch of desert. Also, 3.) Tanks used to have a large Goth scene and home to FetishCon. Since I did professional photography, It felt like a good idea. I was wrong. Tampa is not a place to shoot professionally, and all of my gigs always brought me back to D.C., New Work or Los Angeles. Down here, “professional” photography means you charge to do weddings. You could not pay me to shoot a wedding. (I can give you a link to my ModelMayhem page, which shows a bit of my work.) So, originally, for the first five it six years I was here, I would spend three weeks here, and fly back to D.C. for a week or two out of each month. Occasionally, I would also go to NYC or LA. Considering I haven’t flown anything other than first class in roughly thirty years, at least I racked up a shit ton of miles. I would also go to the EU a couple times each year. So, I was here, but never for too long before I was travelling again.

Additionally, there was one other consideration. I was transitioning to film from television, and I refused to do any more ghost writing. Yeah, it pays well; however, I was tired of doing the work for someone else to take the credit. Also, you can write from anywhere, and I was on the road a lot. My first two films were shot in the EU, which gave me my IMDb credits. That said, I had to focus more on writing to a US audience. The photography covered most of the extra financial costs and since I have no desire to write “mainstream” shit, like the current nominees for the Oscars, I’m never gonna get rich in film, unless I luck out and sell a script on spec, in which case, I would most likely have to hand over the film to someone else. (One fun fact on film: It really distant matter which studio buys into a film. It’s all about the distribution rights. That’s where the money comes in. You should sign up for a free month if IMDb Pro. That will give you a peek behind the curtains as to the process of bringing a film to the masses. You can also get some fun info on who’s repped by who, and phone and address contacts of pretty much anyone. Unless you’re in film, though, I would suggest cancelling before your free period expires.) So, that’s pretty much the “Why” part of the equation.

One added note: up until just before 2012, I was engaged and we were weeks, or so away from moving to Los Angeles. We started living together when she was twenty and I guess I would’ve been about forty-seven? At any rate, we’d been together for almost five years. That fell apart when my ex had both of her parents pass away in roughly just over a year of each other. I kept trying to get her to move anywhere but here; however, she procrastinated, and I had to enroll my daughter in sixth grade here, as she kept putting off deciding where to move, always nixing my ideas. As a result, I was faced with the decision of leaving the state just as my ex was arriving with her son and our daughter. I had to decide between being a parent to my eleven year-old daughter, who has spent very little time with me in the picture, or dashing off to L.A. and getting married to my fiancé. Well, as much as I hate Florida, had I chosen not to attempt to be a responsible parent to my daughter, I would’ve been a major douche, even by my standards. Ultimately, here I still am, despite the fact that a I hate heat and humidity and can barely find anyone that can carry on a coherent conversation for longer than five minutes. Also, yeah, my daughter, having had little interaction with me since not long after birth, as I sound most of the previous decade outside of the US, it took a number of years for my daughter to not hate me, not that I could blame her. Kids don’t understand that you’re always gone so you can earn a living to support them. They just want their parents around. I still had to pay out roughly $2,000 each month in Child Support. I also had to get her to school and back each day, so my ex could work. So, in short, I had to make amends for ten years as an asshole, out of touch, self-absorbed idiot. Also, I’ve never really been good with kids. I wasn’t even good with kids when I was a kid, as I could never relate. Even at five, I felt more comfortable in conversations with adults. As such, my parenting skills were shit, and I had to learn fast. Oh well, enough of that.

In the Goth issue, I feel compelled to mention a couple things. First, since I’m in that Boomer / Gen X crossover, I’ve always been Gen X. As a store, I was in the Goth scene before it was called Goth. In the late 70s, there was a spin-off from the punk scene, to a sub—genre referred to originally as Post-Punk, which I felt odd about, as Punk Rock was in its prime then. So, there is one thing I honestly want you to consider. Like anything else, you can’t lump all Goths into the same mould, except for the fact that we all seem to have the ability to laugh at ourselves. Within the Goth culture, we are as diverse as the mundanes. You will find liberals, conservatives, gun Nuts, and pacifists, and both gay and straight. Also, there are Christians, Jews, Atheists, and Wiccans. We don’t really judge the characteristics of others. (Although, with sense of humour, we’re all a bit touched. In Springfield, Virginia, there used to be a club that was half Country, filled with rednecks, had a buffer zone, complete with Mechanical Bull, ugh, and then a Disco Bar in the other side of the building, filled with nancy boys and bimbettes. The place was always packed. A friend of mine, for some reason unknown to me wanted to sound her twenty-fifth birthday going to this place, but fully, over the top, Goth’ed out. I figured, what the fuck. It wax her birthday, so I tagged along. The girls were in standard Goth outfits, featuring lots of black latex and lace. I can’t remember what the order guys wore. I was in the standard Black, eight eye Docs, although, I may have been wearing my glitter Docs, black pants, and a black T-Shirt that read “Smoke Crack and Worship Satan. (FWIW, I do neither.) It was pretty funny. People would intentionally give us a wide berth, and while the Men’s Room was filled with Rednecks in cowboy hats, I would be re-applying my eyeliner, (always use liquid), and adding additional black lipstick. A few times at the crowded bar, more than a couple people, while being polite, told me that they were actually afraid of me. First impressions can be so wrong. At any rate, it was a fun night, but the music was shit. 😎) Other than a style of dress, an enjoyment of a different type of music, and not being very judgmental, we’re as diverse a crowd as you would see anywhere. The only real difference is that most cities tend to have more age disparity with it comes to dating and marriage. I World even be willing to bet that I could take anyone in this board into a Goth Club and they would have fun. The primary differences really are simply a different style of dress, a different taste in music, and across the political spectrum, we don’t really judge what others think. Well excited our own opinions, but like I mentioned, our politics and actions are not a monolith of conformity to one set of beliefs. Congress should try to follow our lead. 😊

One final mention. I would be willing to bet that you’ve never actually heard real Goth or Industrial music. It is not mainstream, and never gets airplay. I used to run my own radio station that could be picked up in TiVo, iTunes, and a few streaming services, which I started running in the 90s. FWIW, Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails are neither Goth nor Industrial. They are both mainstream. As mentioned, real Goth fires not get airplay. The closest bands you would possibly know are The Sisters of Mercy or Siouxsie and the Banshees. With Industrial, I honestly can’t think of anyone you would be familiar with.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m an open book and do not hide behind anonymity. My identity is very transparent to anywhere I have a presence, and I’m not really bothered by that. I’ve got nothing to hide, and as mentioned, I’ve posted links to my published writing here, as well as my IMDb Profile being in my Bio page.

I would implore you to do one thing, though, and grant me roughly ten minutes of your time. I’m going to post three YouTubes. One a Goth band I know, but being a Beatles concert, it’sa fun song and a cool video. The band looks just like they do when they are hanging in a bar. The second is a Goth song that I find enjoyable. It’s about a person lamenting that they are trying to resolve guilt with relation to personal loss. The last is an Industrial song. Like Industrial should, it sounds angry, yet deals, in some way with an existential answer as to why we, as humans, roam the planet.

All in all, they’re about three minutes each. For one, it will give you a brief glimpse into the scene, and it will also give you some exposure to the diversity of the music. While it’s barely the tip of the iceberg, I would love to hear your thoughts, and as always, will respect your opinion. Hopefully you will find the nine minutes insightful and hopefully slightly entertaining. On the final, Industrial post, I’ll try to find a YouTube with lyrics. Industrial can be difficult to catch all of the lyrics.

I look forward to your opinion. Also, if anyone rise wants to voice an opinion, the more the better. (Maybe I’ll fly one of the bands down for a cookout. 😊 🦇

Oh, I’m certain there are typos here. 😎

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.