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Nelson was bad as a rookie and they gave him 2nd team All-Pro

You mean the rookie year where Nelson was named a First Team AP All-Pro and Pro Bowler?

Have you ever stopped to consider that you may be wrong on Nelson? Most enlightened people can reassess where they were wrong on a certain issue and get better. You might want to give that shot instead of doubling-down on the dumbass.

And don’t try to be Desantis and use the word “disabused”.

No idea what you’re referring to, but apparently you believe “disabused” to be some sort of big word. It isn’t, chief. Read a book occasionally.

I was reconsidering until he wrecked the Colts season in 2019 when he got Brissett injured. Of course sports media just ignores it.

And you’re full of shit. DeSantis is all over the internet and TV saying the word “disabused” and now you start using it.