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Biggs slapping posters again. Makes me chuckle.

JC sticks to his absurd takes like gum in hair. Just tragic. And a mess.

Luke McCown was a beast, eh?

McCown was 27, mobile with an A+ arm. In 2008 Griese and Garcia lost the Bucs 4 games while the defense, running game and special teams were carrying the team and then never played again. It was a dumb decision not playing him in 2008. You cant say otherwise.

are you related to Luke McCown?

dude sells used cars now and was not as good as washed up Jeff Garcia or Brian Griese.

McCown was far superior skill wise to Garcia and Griese but would make mistakes because of lack of experience. The 2008 team was so strong everywhere else they could have gotten away with some McCown mistakes in exchange for his play making. They were 9-5 with 4 losses being because of Garcia and Griese unable to make plays. They would have been 13-1, bye week clinched and could have given the veteran defensive players 3 weeks off.

McCown’s career would have been completely different if any 1 of these things happened:
1. Commits to Miami instead of LT. He would have won multiple Heismans and National Championships, top 5 pick if not #1.
2. Butch Davis doesn’t get fired.
3. He doesn’t tear his ACL in 2006.
4. Paul Hackett doesn’t leave in 2008.
4. He doesn’t tear his