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I wish you two would both read the article it’s a great read and gets to the heart of what I’ve been trying to say to you both for a long time about “truth” and “lies”.

But these doubts were virtually non-existent in most media reports. Indeed, one of the New York Times reporters who broke the story publicly attacked me as a conspiracy theorist back in September when I cited that NBC News story about the lack of evidence while pointing out what a crucial role this uncorroborated story played in stopping troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and claiming Trump was beholden to Putin.

Even worse, other media outlets — led by The Washington Post — purported to have “independently confirmed” the NYT/CIA tale of Russian bounties. Twice in the last year, I have written about this bizarre practice where media outlets purport to “independently confirm” one another’s false stories by doing nothing more than going to the same anonymous sources who whisper to them the same things while providing no evidence. Yet they use this phrase “independent confirmation” to purposely imply that they obtained separate evidence corroborating the truth of the original story:

I know that you both hate this guy but dangit he makes a lot of really good points. And the underlying theme is that these stories were presented as factual and now they are suddenly no longer factual. Things change all the time but it sure is convenient timing if you’re a supporter of Joe Biden or an enemy of the orange guy.

I mean this will all due respect but how can a rational person see that just months ago denial of this story made you a liar and deranged Trump lunatic and now makes you one of the sane?