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I can read the article… I hate Greenwald tho. Follow him on Twitter and I already know his stance based on that (he rants twice a day on liberals).

I will admit that there could be some optical reason for this… I don’t know that it relates to Trump, but maybe?

I don’t believe in the deep state and if I did, historically it would tell me that it is conservative in nature (not liberal).

What interests me more than anything is coming to terms on your identity of Biden. Let’s get real, he’s what SHOULD BE a great compromise… middle-left after a far-right Trump. And if someone runs against him, I hope it is a Libertarian or middle-right candidate. The problem being that the GOP is few and far between there…

But Biden clearly leans slightly left, but far from your worry of socialism… and now the neo-con war-hawk angle is debunked.

Which puts him where we knew he would be… a moderate.

I hope one day you’ll realize that you were melodramatic on the socialist front…