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I think the trade down makes a lot of sense for the Bucs, because another team will be willing to move there to get a RB.

Having that 5th year option on one of the top RBs will be worth it for a team like Miami. It would be worth it for them to give up something later on to move up those for spots from 36 to 32. They could get a 5th year option on Najee Harris or Travis Etienne. That would give them three first round picks.

If the Bucs can get an improvement in their Day 2 draft situation it will be worth it to move down to early to mid 2nd Round and finagle their way into an extra 3rd round pick. Forget this business of trying to get a boom and bust injury risk player who might be a stud. Don’t mess with that. Just know you’re role in this draft. We’re picking last. Get a handful of solid team players who will be future solid but not spectacular future starters. We got Winfield in the 2nd Round. We got Godwin in the 3rd Round. Those were home runs, and every pick won’t be that successful. But there are good players in the top 100.

Four Day 2 picks, with maybe one home run, a couple more hits and you will whiff on one now and then no matter what you do. 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. That’s what I’d like to see out of this Bucs draft.