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It’s funny that we can read the same thing in completely different ways. I don’t see Glen Greenwald as a Trumper. In this particular article he clearly points out the alignment between certain democrats and neo conservative Republicans. He does this all the time. If you look at Glen Greenwald’s history, he’s anti war, anti government control, government secrecy for our own good.

I agree with you that he seems to have a soft spot for Trump probably because of the whole outsider thing. I also agree with something you’ve said before about him that he’s made a conscious choice to ignore some of Trumps transgressions but I don’t think it’s just a money thing at all. He’s a contrarian. When he sees anything that it seems a lot of people are just taking for granted and have stopped even thinking about, that’s where he wants to inject himself. In this case, the intellectuals have shunned the morons who are too dumb to understand anything and look, maybe almost half the country voted for Trump but I think we can both agree that way less than half the country is really this, die hard, universally shunned “trumper” person.

So the intelligent people and most of the people who matter in media and entertainment get this idea that all the ideas that the morons have are dumb and they stop even thinking about them anymore and someone like Glen Greenwald is going to find that and have a problem with that.

I don’t know if that clarifies my position. I think journalistic standards would be a good start. I don’t take the position as any defense of Trump because that would just start another war. You know that I think you and fire and many on the left went way overboard… but seriously lets save that for another day.