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I don’t think Greenwald is any kind of Republican. His claim to fame…. well that’s snowden but I guess where he earned his chops was going after George W. Bush and the second gulf war. He’s firmly anti war, anti big government which explains why I like him so much. lol

The deep state… I’m not sure he believes in the deep state as you probably mean it. Qanon and OT and all the other nuts have ruined the term. But I think, possibly on the level of national security, based on history and the cold war, it is possible that high levels of government have their own set of rules…. that part is likely even probable, and whether it’s an organized group of powerful people of just a structural set of non rules that High levels of CIA, FBI…. whatever else play with and always have. So these people have this system where they don’t feel they have the same rules as everyone else.

Like the CIA “leak” of the bounty story. It really does seem like somebody at the CIA didn’t want the U.S. to leave Afghanistan. It could be something else but Occam’s razor right.

Regarding Biden I will say it here but don’t expect me to say it anywhere else or ever again. lol Joe Biden probably does qualify, by the current standards as a moderate Democrat. His policy proposals so far however, are not. The size and scope alone are not. What I’ve been saying all along that scares me about his Presidency isn’t so much him personally it’s the extent to which his party has shifted to the left. I have to oppose that but at the same time I enjoy the banter and the blaming Joe Biden for everything wrong with anything because it’s fun. And honestly it’s fair too. I mean somebody has to do it. There’s also the fact that plenty of people on the other side were doing the same sort of nonsense over the last 4 years. I’m sure if you look back with an open mind you would see that at least of few of you or Karma’s rants look a little bit silly now.

I get it, he said a lot of dumb shit, you didn’t like it and heck there were even things like what he did at the capital that were indefensible. But there were times when I felt your criticisms were not fair. The whole immigration narrative got turned on it’s head and now Joe is president and there is a crisis and I think some of you are looking at it and thinking look we do have to do something, maybe we do need to have some stiffer rules, maybe walls in certain places aren’t the dumbest thing ever thought of…. I don’t know, I don’t really want to argue about it. I’m actually trying to be reasonable.