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Greenwald is the same as you… anti-liberal. You both love pointing out the hypocricies of the left… and there are certainly some to point out.

The deep state angle is the same everywhere – public or private. Those at the top play by a different set of rules.

The left isn’t controlled by their extreme. Go talk to Biggs making fun of AOC’s inability to pass her bills. Bernie hasn’t passed much either. There are certainly a handful of those liberals with the Dems, and they do have some pull, but they are far outweighed by the current Dems which are, for me, Republican-lite. So I just don’t get it. Biden should be closer to your core beliefs than Trump.

In the end, like Greenwald, your narrative is almost impossible to convince that, as it currently stands, the GOP is rightfully deserving the lion’s share of criticism. They get more criticism, not because the media is fair/unfair, but because they have been ripe with scandals. It isn’t just Trump and Russia and the riots and QPQ.

The GOP is a cluster fuck of a mess… the sensible ones left. The once-sensible ones are chasing votes…

The GOP is by and far the greater of two evils… it is quantifiable.