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Greenwald is the same as you… anti-liberal. You both love pointing out the hypocricies of the left… and there are certainly some to point out.

The deep state angle is the same everywhere – public or private. Those at the top play by a different set of rules.

The left isn’t controlled by their extreme. Go talk to Biggs making fun of AOC’s inability to pass her bills. Bernie hasn’t passed much either. There are certainly a handful of those liberals with the Dems, and they do have some pull, but they are far outweighed by the current Dems which are, for me, Republican-lite. So I just don’t get it. Biden should be closer to your core beliefs than Trump.

In the end, like Greenwald, your narrative is almost impossible to convince that, as it currently stands, the GOP is rightfully deserving the lion’s share of criticism. They get more criticism, not because the media is fair/unfair, but because they have been ripe with scandals. It isn’t just Trump and Russia and the riots and QPQ.

The GOP is a cluster fuck of a mess… the sensible ones left. The once-sensible ones are chasing votes…

The GOP is by and far the greater of two evils… it is quantifiable.

I’m going to disagree with your last sentence but really, lets leave it for another day. But there is enough reasonable in some of the other stuff you say to at least start some sort of discussion.

The deep state angel you mention, people at the top playing by different rules is in my view at it’s most destructive when it’s happening in the government. That’s because the government has far more control over everything. We give it to them. When they don’t play by the rules we’ve all agreed on then it’s a bigger problem than a private business which at least “could” be held accountable.

As for AOC’s inability to pass bills, I think in some ways it’s fair and in some ways it’s not. Bear in mind that people said the exact same thing about Ron Paul and Bernie too. Rand gets some of that criticism too. Every year he proposes a balanced budget that everyone including him knows will never pass. Sometimes the goal of proposing something isn’t to pass anything. So that particular point about her I give you but still I can’t think of one single thing she’s ever proposed or talked about that I agree with.

But about the Democratic Party I still disagree. People like Nancy Pelosi who are very powerful have shifted quite far to the left. She’s still not AOC and I think a lot of her shift is out of pragmatism because in fact the party as a whole has shifted to the left. The same goes for Joe Biden. If he’s too moderate he’ll have real problems getting anything passed. That is why his proposals are far more extreme than even Obama’s. In some ways I see your point that in some ways, Joe Biden is holding the line against the more extreme but that is also an issue because I think it’s fair to say that he’s a fairly weak President. I don’t mean him personally I mean his power. He wasn’t given a mandate to do Joe Biden’s will he was given a mandate to not be Donald Trump.

I despise a large part of the GOP just about as much as I do some of these so called moderate Democrats. Lindsay Graham, the hard core Trumpers like Gaetz or whatever it is, the Cheney woman. agggh. some of them more. Heck I respect Democrats like Manchin and I disagree with him a lot too. I really like very few politicians at all. The ones I do like a little like Mike Lee and Rand and a few others are also not perfect. I like my representative in Congress, Byron Donalds but I don’t think he’s really a champion of civil liberty like I’d really like but he’s conservative, smart and reasonable.