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I agree with a lot of your posts but I strongly disagree with your draft priorities. WR would be at best 5th priority for me and maybe lower.

I would put lots of money on the Bucs not drafting a WR in the first 2 rounds, probably first 3 rounds of this draft. If they draft a WR it will be for replacing Justin Watson as depth to develop. And they will back in Miller and Tyler Johnson to keep improving.

They aren’t going to draft a top WR in this draft over other needs and bury Miller and Johnson on the depth chart. For AB it makes sense to do this because Brady trusts him on the field and he is a HOF worthy WR….not for a rookie.

Priorities I have before a WR:

– DL x 2 – pass rusher off the edge and IDL who can push the pocket
– OL X 2 – guard and C
– Coverage Lber

WR might be next equal with a safety/QB/TE