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Like the CIA “leak” of the bounty story. It really does seem like somebody at the CIA didn’t want the U.S. to leave Afghanistan.

This is the false premise the story is selling. I say it’s false because Greenwald is the one making they claim with no back up snd he is not shy about providing links in his stories (to give them credibility)

I will expand with actual examples later.

I don’t hate Greenwald. I just see him for what he is which is someone selling a point of view (in this case that there is this cabal of neo cons Dems and media working to Leto us at war) to maintain snd audience, largely of people that have that view already. I will give actual examples from this article later, just do it’s clear I am not just trashing the guy or JBear for following him. This article is LOADED with examples (it would never…NEVER.., get published by any credible news outlet.