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Edge, OL, or DL at #32. These are the positions that will be turning over in the next 1-3 years, need first round talent at these positions.

QB in round 1 for the Bucs is a wasted pick, ask Aaron Rodgers. Plenty of WR talent on the team already when there are other greater needs.

I agree for the most part, but I do not agree with fans that assume player X or player Y will only be here one more year. I get that it is likely some will leave, but others will be re-signed. I often hear in discussions that JPP only has 1 more season, and I know he is only under contract for 1 more season, but why does that mean he is not with the Buc’s in 2 years? Maybe a reduced role, but the guy is still effective and appears to have fuel in the tank for more than another season. At his age, I doubt he would have a major big dollar market after this season….so why would the odds not be he is resigned for a year or two? I do not want to make it about this player and not that player, but I feel similar about Jenson. Is any team going to back up the Brinks for him next off season? I doubt it, and can see him being around for a few more years. I am sure the FO has a “feel” for if they will be able to keep these guys, but I think that should be considered as much as whose contract is up next season.