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Look this is certainly your opinion but I mostly disagree. I’m not trying to compare this piece or some of the others I’ve posted before to high level investigative journalism. He’s not investigating anything and it’s clearly his opinion as well. And sure it’s interesting that he cites his own work so often in a piece where he criticizes other journalists for “independently verifying” other outlet’s pieces by calling the same unnamed CIA source who is providing zero evidence.

It’s fine when you compare Glen Greenwald to Hanity or some others but what about some of these opinion writers on the left? I don’t bring this up to say that, “well the other side is doing it too” I bring it up because that’s kindof the point of opinion writing in the first place. Greenwald’s opinion here is in response to the overwhelmingly accepted “truth” that media is operating in a fair and balanced way. His opinion is obviously that it isn’t.

The real issue I have with you Karma, is that it sometimes seems that all of your proofs never end up at any conclusion except that “the bad guys are dumb”. You always seem to end on you taking a victory lap after proving who dumb everyone is. All you’ve ever done is made some counter points which often are fair points but it’s not easy to say so when you’re taking an undeserved and smug victory lap. I do understand that you fully believe you’ve proved something beyond all doubt but if it were that easy I think the world would be a lot more peaceful place don’t you?

And we’ve already had this discussion by the way. Next I say, who are you anyway? There are all these very intelligent, well respected, educated people having these discussions and they can’t come to agreement. How can you have it all figured out? Then you’ll say something about how these personalities really have either a paid for opinion or it’s a type of propaganda and they know their really wrong but just doing it for money or for power or something. To which I’ll point out the left wing pundits and we’ll eventually come back to “because my side is right and your side is dumb.”

I apologize if this sounds disrespectful because I’m trying to keep the vitriol toned down here.

You can give counter points but you really cannot just figure it out for everyone and tell them where their thinking is wrong and then act like you won something.