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You’ve said this before too. I really mean to point this out with all due respect but the last time it felt a whole lot like the point of the comparison was because Hersh went batshit crazy.

I do get that you probably feel thats an accurate comparison but I just ask you to examine if you feeling that way could have anything to do with your political leanings? I think it’s a fair quesiton.

My point on the Hersh comparison is that he went from work with a group of journalists (including Bernstein) to selling ever wider and wider conspiracies. I am not sure that is a perfect fit with Greenwald now, but I am sure he is selling; thst is, he is writing a story like this, thst would never get past an editor, to play to people like you who share the belief that there is this Deep State/military industrial complex (now “merged” with media) all aligned to keep us at war

I haven’t had time to point out the rhetorical slight of hand he uses but here’s a quick one: why does he suggest that troops in Germany were put there to fight a country (soviet union) that doesn’t even exist?

Russia still exists as the threat right? And the bases in Germany are not only for NATO right? Where did Middle East wounded soldiers go? African support?

In other words, the Soviet union reference is so intellectually dishonest that it highlights that he has to twist reality to make his point. He had to do that because Trump also want to pull troops from Germany (not just Afghanistan) snd for underpayment lol