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@JBear serious question for you.

In his article Greenwald says THIS:

“Because of its centrality to the media narrative and agenda, anyone who tried to point out the serious factual deficiencies in this story — in other words, people trying to be journalists — were smeared by Democratic Party loyalists who pretend to be journalists as “Sicknick Truthers,” white nationalist sympathizers, and supporters of insurrection”

(Putting aside his whining becuase hes not called a journalist and it hurts him, do you see he says that Sicknicks murder was central to “the media narrative and agenda” sich that if you disagreed you were called a “Sicknick Truther” . . do you see that? Who were his “media” examples (recall hes saying they are not journalists):

Josh Marshall
Ryan Cooper
“Emptywheel” (lol)
Sleeping Giants

Not a single one of them is even “media” let alone journalists, right?

To make it even worse , they are referencing his saying the OPPOSITE on Laura Ingrahm, right? actual “media” with MILLIONS of watchers?

Grenwald even wins the Twitter battle against them. he has 1.6 MILLION followers, more than all of them combined?

as usual he is TILTING AT WINDMILLS because the real story is too boring

Boy, that EmptyWheel tho . .