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I disagree with your characterization of our previous conversations on the Hunter Biden story.

I did start a thread when that story came out but I distinctly recall that I never claimed that everything in the story was true or that every assumption made by Trump supporters was necessarily true. My issue was that the story was actively and publicly suppressed. That the story shouldn’t be suppressed.

These two stories are not equal. You seem to be saying that the hunter story was a lie in the same way that the story that a band of terrorists murdered a police officer by bashing his head in with a fire extinguisher was….not even close to the same thing. First of all the Hunter story was not a lie. Those emails were real. Even hunter never denied it. Some people wanted to claim they said more than they did but that initial post story was not a lie.

I understand your problem with the hunter story because if it hadn’t been suppressed then some people may have been swayed by spin on a story that has never been proven. That is not the same as the lie that the officer who died at the capital was beaten to death.