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It is important to remember that Brian Sicknick did not ask to be used as a political tool. He and the family he left behind should continue to be respected for his service….and it is terrible that his last day of service had to be used defending the capital against a few hundred citizens of this country. All that said, make no mistake the Democrats and liberal media danced on his grave at the chance to use his death to push a false narrative. They even made a show of it by having his remains lie in honor in the capitol rotunda….an honor that is not appropriate for a law enforcement officer that died of natural causes. Pelosi signed off on this without a shred of evidence to suggest this man died from anything related to January 6th….no other officer or family member that spoke to him was told about any physical assault with a fire extinguisher or any other weapon beyond claiming he was irritated with a chemical spray that he thought was lingering in the building. Anyone that is not repulsed buy the garbage journalism and disgusting dishonesty by elected Democrats in Washington D.C. simply has no interest in the truth.

An example of garbage journalism supported by our tax dollars…..a NPR headline on 02/02/21…

Capitol Police Officer Slain By Mob,Lies In Honor In Rotunda

Wooaaahhh! Sanity? Here?