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I also think evangelicals are more susceptible because they are not encouraged to think for themselves. They are told what to think and who to vote for. There is no debate. Everything is in black and white, good or evil. So IMO they don’t have the value of thinking critically about what ideas are being fed to them. They are susceptible to getting into a social media echo chamber with one sided videos like you see posted by our Peter Pan. They aren’t able to make independent judgments about even things that seem nonsensical to most people. Someone close to me once lived in that world and got out of it. They are not allowed to question what is being told to them, even if it isn’t following closely with what the Bible says. Like a cult, they are required to devote their lives and are discouraged from associating with non-believers. So when they get into this they just don’t have the independent thinking skills to say “Hey- baby eaters? Really? Maybe that’s not real.”

Hansel, are you talking about the jews again? But you left out the crooked noses and that they steal all the money. What gives?

The tolerant left at it’s finest. Delusional enough to say a whole bunch of rude, bigoted and mean spirited things about a group of people and still believing they doing some sort of humanitarian service to the world.