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LoserfgtDemocrats: “buRn iT dOwn! buRn iT dOwn! buRn iT dOwn! LeT’s riOt!!&!!! DruMpf’s faULt– tHis is DRUMPF’s ameRikkka”

Truth: The Trash(D)Party and BlackLiesMatter have been DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the largest murder rate increase in United States history!

Yeah well you are forgetting that your boy Trump was President all 12 months in 2020 when the murder rate went 25%. Biden has been President all of 4 months in 2021. So “oops”. It doesn’t help that there are more guns than people now. But Biden has a job to do. He’s the President so the buck stops here as they say. Hopefully Biden can get that rate back down to Obama levels when it was the lowest.