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The issue though comes down to your perspective. It seems if you are a conservative you see media errors as intentional, a conspiracy to advance a narrative. And you rely heavily (and appropriately I would add) on 24 hour news channels, Twitter etc.

If your not a today version “conservative” you’re more willing to see this story as poor journalism by the fringe (ie the reporting by WaPo, NYT etc raising the question more quickly). For example, if you understand tgst journalism is REPORTING it’s easy to see why it was REPORTED that he died as a result because that is what the source (Capitol Police) said.

I agree with you. I may even see the story as poor journalism by the fringe. I mean that I’m not necessarily convinced that it’s some sort of conspiracy. I do think it’s possible but I think it’s more likely just bias that seeps out in the coverage. But again, that is not good journalism.

Then you have outlets where a certain bent has been institutionalized where anyone coming into those organizations knows pretty quickly which way they are supposed to see the world. Those organizations often could be a business decision as I think you’ve pointed out before. Where it’s concerning though is where media intersects with politics which I think has been happening more and more frequently over the last decades. I’m talking about both sides too. Fox news can start sounding like a mouthpiece of the administration when we have a Republican administration. And that certainly goes for several left leaning outlets as well. You have reporters “getting the chills” when Joe Biden got off the airlplaine in DC.

You have a lot of recent examples of these outlets parroting the DNC talking points memo’s on proposed legilation etc. Some of this is natural, everything the administration proposes cannot be all bad after all. Surely there must be some good points but it really is getting out of hand. I would really like to see less touting of left wing proposals through tricks of the English Language from my “NEWS”.