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Yeah, what crisis at the border? Never heard of it.

This is the perfect thing to raise because youre actually making the point, just cloaking it in media conspiracy (I think)

My point in response is the DIFFERENCE between the two.

If you notice, Biden is bent on restoring PEOPLES (the entire country’s) faith in government. He may not succeed BUT THAT IS THE GOAL so his almost singlualr focus has been on delaing ewiht things that are OVERWHELMINGLY IMPORTAMT AND POPULAR:

1. He has dealt with the CV19 issue first (65% approvals)
2. The Stimulus next (70% + approval)

3. now INFRASTRUYCTURE (70% approval) and he’s even making a very public effort to bring in GOP

As a result, Biden has very steady approval ratings, even with the GOP trying hard to manufacture crisis. He is dealing with the border, but as you can see NOT HIGHLIGHTING it, just dealing with the problem, but always focused (so far) on the 3 items above. He has even said publicly that in his view the most successful Presidents have understood that TIMING of their actions was important (he said this holding off the gun control lobby)

BY COMPARISON, Trump gets elelcted and almost his very first act:

1. Travel ban (40% approval)
2. Immigration that led to family separation debacle (very unpopular and divisive issue)

NOTABLY, Trump also spent four years REPETATEDLY touting a coming INFRASTRUCTURE Bill that NEVER ARRIVED (despite its massive popularity)

So the so-called “political genius” thought it was best to play to his base. That failed SPECTACULARLY. You cannot govern the country by FORCE. Elected officials — including the President – are PUBLIC SERVANTS above all else. The GOP has lost its way, in part, because it does not understand this. IT is the party of corporations and the party of the minority view of America, not the party of Public Service (as you can see because everyone in the GOP voted against #2 in Biden’s list)