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wasn’t speaking of you specifically, but if you look at the CTs on the board here (OT, Spartan) etc, the commonality is they flip logic. Logic is Occam’s razor and also a “theory” starts as UNTRUE until proven or supported at some level. CTs reverse it and almost say “its true unless you can prove it false.”

That’s the biggest load of old bollocks you have ever said.

OT frequently goes off the deep end and is frequently very antagonistic, I will admit, but just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them illogical and stupid. Which actually appears to be your argument more often than not.

For example:

The press leaping to the conclusion of the Capitol Police is poor journalism

I disagree with you here. It’s not poor journalism when the premise of the argument has been proved false and yet you still “report” it as fact. You have made some salient points during the course of this thread, however, the argument that the way in which this was reported being some kind of “honest mistake” is not one I can accept. Initially, maybe, but time and time again despite the fact that extreme doubt was cast on the narrative, by the mans family no less, and pretty quickly proven false …. that’s not flipping logic, it’s, being polite, let’s say it’s seeing things from a different angle.


In one post you’re decrying my comment about conspiracy theorists

In the second youre offering a conspiracy

Btw, I have posted articles from WaPo and others dated 1/11 and 1/14 specifically stating that his injurious were unclear. actual articles from actual journalists