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February 10th . . . LMAO .. your MAGA here Tucker carlson even covered it.


Thats MILLIONS in the Cocoon

Tucker Carlson: What we still don’t know about the Capitol riot
Where was the necessary security? How did the riot start? How did Officer Brian Sicknick die?

“Officer Sicknick was not beaten to death, with a fire extinguisher or anything else. According to an exhaustive and fascinating new analysis on Revolver News, there’s no evidence that Brian Sicknick was hit with a fire extinguisher at any point on Jan 6. The officer’s body apparently bore no signs of trauma. In fact, on the night of Jan. 6, long after rioters at the Capitol had been arrested or dispersed, Brian Sicknick texted his brother from his office. According to his brother, Sicknick said he’d been “pepper sprayed twice” but was otherwise “in good shape”. Twenty-four hours later, Officer Brian Sicknick was dead.”

“How did he die? The head of the Capitol police union has said he had a stroke. His body was cremated immediately, and authorities have refused to release his autopsy.”

HAVE TO LOVE THE LITTLE APEAL TO THE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS — “authorities have refused to release his autopsy”

there was a criminal investigation from day 1