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The number of perfect armchair GMs is amazing. Even after the Super Bowl victor…fans want to claim they know more than our uniformed coaches and staff. Apparently, they are unable to see that Griffin is not a “starting QB.”

Brady might not be able to throw early in workouts this season. Having a couple QBs that know the system…so they team can run workouts? This idea, seems to upset the experts… as just stupid and foolish thinking. Who cares if the QBs throwing to our receivers know anything about the offense. If they won’t be starting in a year or two…. don’t those idiots know they shouldn’t be on the team. Just let the team rest until June or July until we are sure that Brady is ok…then we can practice. Oh, I forgot you can have the future HOF QB that we get in the draft know the playbook in a week. I’m sure he is much smarter than Brady…who took until November-December to learn the offense.