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I have no issue with you calling Trump and Fox News a “Merger”. I don’t know if it’s completely fair but I’m basically making this point in the other thread. Outlets have become mouthpieces for the parties or administration. It’s more like a propaganda arm of the administration that they are like “news” outlets….. often times.

I know it’s not really anything new but I think it’s spread farther and gotten more ingrained in everything I think mostly because of how completely partisan everything is these days. There was a time when say George W. Bush was President when yes, he’d get skewered but the serious media wouldn’t start calling him a liar for every politically motivated half truth uttered. They certainly wouldn’t do that to Obama. Anyway, it’s more than just the lie counts it’s the way certain outlets cover news as if they are extension of one of the political parties. What they are covering, how they are covering it etc.

You only need to watch Fox and CNN side by side.