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The GA case is more interesting.

Let me play devil’s advocate for a moment but I can understand that it’s pretty easy for some people to jump to the conclusion that a bunch of inbred white supremacists saw a N*&%$% and jumped into their vehicles, guns in hand to do a lynching but based on initial reports there is a case to be made that there were break in’s and that someone may have seen the guy doing something suspicious and they confronted him… not saying that was right either but the whole thing is very interesting because you’re probably going to have a large vocal group of people who are convinced of the white supremacists lynching a poor innocent black guy and there will be some who may believe the protecting the neighboorhood from a criminal angle.

I don’t even know what procecutors are charging with at this time but the stiffness of the charges, the defense angle and the prosecution angle will all be fascinating. As always I’m on the side of civil liberty. I’m not taking a position on what should happen until I see what the case is going to look like.