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Don’t you deep down recognize this sort of carnival barker way of speaking for what it really is? It’s not really a lie, it’s just a liberal use of the English language using common or low class “definitions” of words like Hoax. He’s clearly saying that the investigations of him colluding with the Russians were untrue and politically motivated. You can debate whether or not that’s true but if we’re honest we can’t really call it a lie.

And this is my issue with people like you over the last four years. This is the way it ussually works with Trump, he makes a few factual/true statements, about for example the origins of the Russia investigation starting with Hillary Clinton’s campaign…. these are either true, mostly true or at least plausible. There is evidence that they are likely true. Then he goes on a rant about how everyone on the left unfairly attacked him, he might throw something in about the Obama administration being complicit… again, not a lie as we have evidence that discussions were held at high levels of government. I’m not saying true, I’m just saying not a lie. Then he rants on about Hunter Biden or whatever and ends up as always at the Russia “Hoax”.

That the Russia investigation was a Hoax is his opinion. You may believe it to be untrue, you may even believe that he knows it’s not true and lies about it anyway but that is also just your opinion.

Anyway, I already said Fox was one of the bad actors in all this media manipulation but I still think a former President of the United States ought to be able to get an interview if he wants one once in a while. We all know his Schtick by now.